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Comments chaeum
copy and paste to send an empty Whatsapp (WA) message
copy and paste to have an invisible name in Among Us / Minecraft / Free Fire
a non-space character that is displayed as a unique space, blank
BlockHangul Compatibility Jamo
Sub-BlockSpecial character
CategoryLo / Letter, other
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DescriptionThe Hangul Filler character is used to introduce eight-byte Hangul composition sequences and to stand in for an absent element (usually an empty final) in such a sequence. Unicode includes the Wansung code Hangul Filler in the Hangul Compatibility Jamo block for round-trip compatibility, but uses its own system (with its own, differently used, filler characters) for composing Hangul. The KS X 1001 Hangul composition system is not used in Unicode, and the filler renders merely as an empty space; KS X 1001 composition sequences using modern jamo may be mapped to precomposed characters in Unicode. For round-trip compatibility, Unicode also includes the N-byte Hangul code Hangul Filler separately in the Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms block, named the Halfwidth Hangul Filler.
How to type "" in Windows? hold alt
type +
type 3164
release alt
How to type "" in Linux? hold ctrl+shift
type U 3164
release ctrl+shift