Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Range U+13000 - U+1342F
Official Chart U13000.pdf

A. Man and his occupations

B. Woman and her occupations

C. Anthropomorphic deities

D. Parts of the human body

E. Mammals

F. Parts of mammals

G. Birds

H. Parts of birds

I. Amphibious animals, reptiles, etc.

K. Fishes and parts of fishes

L. Invertabrata and lesser animals

M. Trees and plants

N. Sky, earth, water

NL. Nomes of Lower Egypt

NU. Nomes of Upper Egypt

O. Buildings, parts of buildings, etc.

P. Ships and parts of ships

Q. Domestic and funerary furniture

R. Temple furniture and sacred emblems

S. Crowns, dress, staves, etc.

T. Warfare, hunting, butchery

U. Agriculture, crafts, and professions

V. Rope, fiber, baskets, bags, etc.

W. Vessels of stone and earthenware

X. Loaves and cakes

Y. Writings, games, music

Z. Strokes, signs derived from Hieratic, geometrical figures

Aa. Unclassified