Latin Extended-D

Range U+A720 - U+A7FF
Official Chart UA720.pdf

Additions for UPA

Egyptological additions

Mayanist additions

Medievalist additions

Insular and Celticist letters

Modifier letters

Orthographic letters for glottals

Additional letter

Phonetic symbol

Transliteration letter

Additional letters

Additions for Lithuanian dialectology

Letters for Middle Vietnamese

Archaic letters for Ewe

Archaic letters for Volapük

Letters for pre-1921 Latvian orthography

Additional letters

Letter for West African languages

Letter for Japanese phonemic transcription

Letters for Americanist orthographies

Letter for African languages

Letter for German dialectology

Letters for African languages

Letters for Mazahua (México)

Letters for Ugaritic and Egyptological transliteration

Additional medieval letters

Letters used in early Pinyin romanization

Additional letters for Gaulish

Letters used in the Middle English Ormulum

Letters used in medieval palaeography

Modifier letters for Chatino (México)

Modifier letter for Japanese phonemic transcription

Ancient Gaulish and Celtic epigraphic letters

Additions for Extended IPA

Addition for UPA

Ancient Roman epigraphic letters