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Comments while this character is imaged as a fixed-width blank in many fonts, it does not act as a space
BlockBraille Patterns
Sub-BlockBraille patterns
CategorySo / Symbol, other
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DescriptionUnicode space for free fire nick names - often misused as a blank, unique space symbol.

The Braille pattern "dots-0", also called a "blank Braille pattern", is a 6-dot or 8-dot braille cell with no dots raised. It is represented by the Unicode code point U+2800, and in Braille ASCII with a space. In all Braille systems, the Braille pattern dots-0 is used to represent a space or the lack of content. In particular some fonts display the character as a fixed-width blank. However, the Unicode standard explicitly states that it does not act as a space.
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type 2800
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type U 2800
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