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Comments BOM, ZWNBSP
may be used to detect byte order by contrast with the noncharacter code point FFFE
use as an indication of non-breaking is deprecated; see 2060 instead
BlockArabic Presentation Forms-B
CategoryCf / Other, format
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DescriptionThe zero width no-break space (ZWNBSP) is a deprecated use of the Unicode character at code point U+FEFF. Character U+FEFF is intended for use as a Byte Order Mark (BOM) at the start of a file. However, if encountered elsewhere, it should, according to Unicode, be treated as a "zero width no-break space". The deliberate use of U+FEFF for this purpose is deprecated as of Unicode 3.2, with the word joiner strongly preferred.
How to type "" in Windows? hold alt
type +
type FEFF
release alt
How to type "" in Linux? hold ctrl+shift
type U FEFF
release ctrl+shift